A downloadable game for Windows

An homage to the early arcade game Omega Race using the Amiga version from the late 80s/early 90s PD shareware as a guide.  

Includes most of the same gameplay elements but has Amiga MOD music for the front end, configuration for full screen or scaled window mode, mouse sensitivity option.

You will need a GPU capable of shaders, this is currently ONLY a Windows software title.  Your performance *will* vary.

Game controls:

Move the mouse left/right to rotate, MB1 = fire, MB2 = thrust

Later levels include additional gameplay options like Hyper mode, Blitz mode, Horde mode which modify the enemy behavior and increases difficulty.


  • Used this project as a guide to learn Godot
  • My art skills are pretty terrible, the game is fun but not terribly pretty
  • Sound effects are in place but could use some work, I wanted to get some feedback before improving them, have better effects you want to share?  Contact me!



OR2021.zip 17 MB

Install instructions

Extract ZIP contents to folder, run OmegaRace2021.exe

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